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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Dear readers,

My name is Ibn Hisham Az-Zuhri from Indonesia, currently I live in Qatar as a Postgraduate Student. I am an Acehnese who likes expressing ideas, analysis and arguments particularly in social and religion (Islam) topics.

To be honest, I do not look for revenue from this website, I just want to write essays which are resulted from researches, discussions, lectures or watching a video on several sites. Further, it will be nice if you desire to start a discussion with me through the comment box or sent an email to me. The discussion is a media for developing ideas and seeking the new knowledge, however it must be on the conversation ethics and values, without offending someone in impolite way.

Criticising my works is allowed, and I will be happy if someone gives a commentary on my essay. As a human, I cannot do a work perfectly, perhaps it contains some error which the correction comes from the readers and the curators. Once Imam Ash-Shafi’i said “My speech is right, but containing error. Their speeches are wrong but containing truth“, in fact, none of muslim scholars at the moment found the error and mistake from Shafi’i works and view. The quote that inspiring me to keep be a humble and low profile person. Ash-shafi’i was the best scholar but thought that he probably made a mistake. Meanwhile, I am not even a scholar try to think that every word from me is correct. Therefore, I keep myself open for every commentary, critic, and advice from the reader.

If you need to contact with me for further discussion on my works, you can do it through:

email : angzuhri@outlook.com

or through wordpress commentary

Best Regards,

Ibn Hisham Az-Zuhri – The Author


Note: Some essays are in Indonesian and Arabic Language.

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