Contemporary Hafiz Qur’an; an Injured Nobility

Contemporary Hafiz Qur’an; an Injured Nobility

Since 2016, the year when social media reached the peak of popularity and became a media for seeking prominence, social media has been used by politicians, actors, and preachers to gain their reputation among societies. Most of people, from middle-class people to upperclassmen, used at least three social media for any purpose. High number of users means a big opportunity for someone to become a popular and influential person, by increasing the follower numbers.

Gaining popularity is a compulsory work for some part of society. For instance, Politicians need prominence for election, preachers do this for succession in their missions, and popularity cannot be dependent from actors career. Each of them used media for positive purpose based on their duty and position in society.

However, for some types of people, becoming a prominent person breaks the value and the unwritten law. In this context, we are talking about islamic society which particular positions are required to be hidden and off popular. Mainly, the Hafiz, man who has memorized whole Qur’an. Each muslim who has completed the memorization of Quran have to avoid promoting themselves among people. It is mandatory because memorization of Qur’an is a noble work and need deep sincerity unless they lose all merits they have obtained while memorising the Qu’ran.

Nonetheless, the Hafiz can be triggered to seek popularity due to his view on himself as a man who deserves to be known by others. Furthermore a few of them were using their ability and reputation to do an unacceptable matter, like showing off in front of muslimat. Simply, they are able to be named as entertainment hafiz, they did not recite the Qur’an for proper purpose.

Surge of social media user numbers is utilised by Hafiz entertainer to gain their reputation among people, mainly women. Recording themselves while reciting the holy Quran, then make a video, upload it to social media such as YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. Most of them admit that they do this for spreading and motivating others about the urgency of reciting and memorising the Qur’an. Despite this purpose, it has secondary goal, which is related to the previous topic; Popularity; they are supposed to avoid it instead seeking it. Motivating is acceptable, but people can distinguish which purpose is visible on their work.

It is important to know about the hafiz ethics or what should a hafiz do and avoid. Imam Nawawi, prominent shafi’ite scholars, wrote a book explaining comprehensively about ethics and values of “Haamilu Al-Qur’an“, the book named التبيان في أداب حملة القرآن (Explanation for Hafizul Quran’s Ethics). Before get in the content of the book mainly about promoting self to public, it should be known that Imam Nawawi wrote this book because of the nobility status of Haamilul Quran. This position is not a usual role as actors or politicians, they role as the bearer of Holy verses which is considered as Allah’s Speech.

Imam Nawawi put an independent fasl (part of explanation) on his book, page 55, the title of the Fasl is “The most important thing in warning for who makes Quran as earning way”. In this section, Imam Nawawi warned the hafiz who recites verses of The Quran for making money and promoting himself. Despite some scholars such Imam Malik and Hasan Al Bashri allowed this work, the ulama who permitted earning from the quran determined this work for who in needs only. Imam Nawawi concluded that earn money from the Quran recitation is an ignorant matter which injures the nobility of Al-Qur’an and hafizs themselves.

Similarly to earning money from reciting Quran, seeking prominence from reciting Quran also prohibited, and maybe it worse than earning as well as in some cases the reciter do this for fulfilling his daily allowance. The main cause of prohibition might be the lack of sincerity. Reciting Quran should be done for begging Ajrun Min Allah (the rewards from Allah) not Ajrun Min An Nas (The rewards from human being). One of sincerity indicators is keep reciting the verses although none of camera records the recitation. Also, it is reflected on the hafiz moral and ethics while he is not reciting the Qur’an by stay low profile and humble, and hide his nobility from public. It means that whoever promotes himself as hafiz, recites the quran among public loudly for unnecessary purpose, uses his skill as a media for seeking women attention is considered as the insincere hafiz.

Notwithstanding, If the hafiz is promoted by other who knows him deeply, and the promotion is purely for motivating people to get closer to The holy Qur’an, this is not a shame for the hafiz as long as he can keep himself from proud ness. Promoting the hafiz was a usual promotion in golden age of Islam in order to inform people this man can be your Qur’an teacher. Kindly note, that Rasulullah SAW once said that the best human in the world is who learn the Quran and teach the other about it. In other words, hafiz is supposed to be a teacher of muslimin not to be a celebrity.

Relating to social media usage for seeking popularity, certain numbers of hafiz has fell down to the abyss notability. They used YouTube channel, Instagram account, Facebook profile for recording themselves while reciting Qur’an, no matter that what they are doing lead to fitna. It was not a shame if they do this for motivating and avoid the arrogance, otherwise most of them preferred to attract muslimat due to natural amazement from each woman to the person who has certain and rare skill. Moreover, some of those who role as hafiz celebrity only recite the verses of Qur’an in front of camera, their recitation stops as the camera stop recording.

Do not accused the social media as the main actor of this phenomena, but the hafiz himself is the defendant of this circumstance. Also, the viewers have to be conscious about the danger of unwise admiration. Motivating self to get closer to the Quran after watch a good recitation from certain Qari, not admire the Qari because of some factors such as handsomeness or soothing voice. Love the Quran not the Qari!

To sum up, takhallus or sincerity in reciting, memorising, and teaching Quran are the most necessary matters which can save the heart of hafiz from Kibr and Ujub (arrogance and Proud). Also save people mainly women from extreme admiration without the change and progress in self-improvement to the best path of peaceful life.

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