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Contemporary Hafiz Qur’an; an Injured Nobility

Contemporary Hafiz Qur’an; an Injured Nobility

Since 2016, the year when social media reached the peak of popularity and became a media for seeking prominence, social media has been used by politicians, actors, and preachers to gain their reputation among societies. Most of people, from middle-class people to upperclassmen, used at least three social media for any purpose. High number of users means a big opportunity for someone to become a popular and influential person, by increasing the follower numbers.

Gaining popularity is a compulsory work for some part of society. For instance, Politicians need prominence for election, preachers do this for succession in their missions, and popularity cannot be dependent from actors career. Each of them used media for positive purpose based on their duty and position in society.

However, for some types of people, becoming a prominent person breaks the value and the unwritten law. In this context, we are talking about islamic society which particular positions are required to be hidden and off popular. Mainly, the Hafiz, man who has memorized whole Qur’an. Each muslim who has completed the memorization of Quran have to avoid promoting themselves among people. It is mandatory because memorization of Qur’an is a noble work and need deep sincerity unless they lose all merits they have obtained while memorising the Qu’ran.

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